Happy Third Birthday, Eleni

On January 25th Eleni turned 3!  This is the first birthday that she really understood, and I think she loved it!  Over the last few weeks Eleni has been waking up in the middle of the night and comes to my room and says she’s scared of either kitties in her room or monsters.  I’ve tried taking her back up, but usually I’m so tired from being up with Vasi I just let her get in my bed.  The night before her birthday was no different, meaning that she woke up in my bed on her birthday morning.  I leaned over and told her “Happy Birthday Eleni!” and she innocently asked “am I three now?”  It was like she finally got it.

Leading up to her birthday she kept asking if Ms. Julie was going to write her name on the sidewalk.  Of course she did, and as we walked up to the door that morning Eleni said “it’s my name! It’s my day!”  I can’t even describe how happy the chalk made her!  We took cupcakes to preschool and the kids celebrated Eleni before she came home for her party.

Eleni wanted a Moana party.  Since we were only celebrating with family I didn’t go all out, but I had a few fun decorations.

Besides her Moana shirt, she had a Moana cake and Moana crowns for all of the kids.

She got a Moana dress up outfit, new cowgirl hat and a headstall among other fun presents.

My parents gave Eleni a horse!  She was a little terrified, but we’ll have her riding on her own this spring.

It seems like the past three years went by so fast!  Eleni is super smart and extremely obedient.  She can count to 37, can count backward from 10, spells and writes her own name and still loves to read and color.   She loves to sing and go to dance class.  She’s really helpful around the house (cooking, cleaning, picking up toys), knows how to put away her laundry, likes to brush her teeth and make her bed.  Eleni still loves to be outside and has fun when we’re with DG or if we’re at the feedlot.  She’s started getting a sense of humor and tries to be funny, and she’s also learned that certain things such as monsters and spiders are scary.

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