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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I thought I’d fill out this questionnaire and share a little more about me and DG!

How did you meet?

I met DG at a cattlemen’s convention in 2008, and I saw him a few times over the next couple of years.  Then, in August of 2011 a mutual friend gave DG my number and said I was single and that he should call me.  I didn’t take him seriously at first, and I think he just called me out of boredom.  But we ended up making plans and have been together ever since.

First date?

I drove the 2 hours to his house where he had nothing planned so we drove down the road to his neighbors’ feedlot (#smalltownlife lol), hung out with them for awhile then went back to his house and ordered a pizza.  Super romantic I tell ya.

How many years together?  How many married?

It will be 7 together in August and 5 married in August too.

Who cooks?  Who cleans?

We both cook–it’s something we both enjoy.  I probably cook more just because I get home earlier, but if DG is home he’ll often help me, or if I’m going to be late and he’s home with the kids he’ll cook.  If we’re at camp he cooks 100% of the time.  I clean (with the help of a cleaning lady sometimes!).  One of DG’s faults is that he’s messy and doesn’t care.  Dirty dishes, laundry piled up, dust, spills on the floor, toys all over–none of that bothers him so he’d probably let it go for a really long time!

Favorite trip you’ve taken together?

We’ve been on so many amazing trips from Italy and Greece to packing into the wilderness in Colorado, but my absolute favorite would have to be when we visited Maui last summer.  It was such a relaxed trip–we had our kids with us and it was the happiest I’ve been in a long time.  At this point in our lives we prefer family vacations rather than leaving the kids home.

How do you balance work and personal lives?

We don’t.  Our work follows us home and it’s hard to find that line between work and personal when you ranch because ranching is life.  Or at least that’s how it is for us.

Stay in or go out for Valentine’s?

DG is hauling water to the cows right now so a Valentine’s date is highly unlikely.  I think we’ve only ever spent one Valentine’s Day together.  We were in SLC for the weekend so we went to dinner (with Eleni too) and it was so crowded.  I definitely wouldn’t do it again!  I prefer staying in and cooking and we could watch the Olympics!

Last movie you saw together?

Umm I don’t know the answer to this one.  We tried watching Daddy’s Home 2 while we were in Vegas a few weeks ago (because we have 2 kids and obviously couldn’t go out!), but we were both super lame and fell asleep about 15 minutes into the movie.  So I guess you can say that we started that one, but as far as a movie that we watched beginning to end together, I don’t have any clue!

Thanks for stopping by today friends! I hope you have a great day celebrating the LOVE in your life!



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