I’m from a small town in Utah.  I moved to Salt Lake City for college, then back to my hometown for about two years before I got married and moved to DG’s small(er) hometown.

I met DG in 2007 at a cattlemen’s convention.  We were both in other relationships.  In 2011 we reconnected through a friend, and we were married in 2013.  DG is a cattle rancher and loves what he does.  My favorite days are those that I get to go with him to check cows and ride horses.

DG’s son was born in 2008.  He lives with us full time and is a smart, fun boy.  I volunteer at his school and other activities a lot so that’s been a great way for me to get to know people in our town.  He loves to ride his horse, play baseball and have fun with friends.  He’s part of a great group, so we’re lucky.

Our daughter was born in 2015.  She’s the sweetest thing and the attention-getter in our family.  We all try to get her to say she loves each of us the most.  She likes to sing the ABCs, color, play outside and go to see the cows.

That’s the highlights about us.  This blog is full of stories and tidbits from our life and is a fun creative outlet for me.

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