Of course it’s October and my blog has been neglected. I’ve been the worst mom about taking pictures or doing anything fun the past 3 or 4 weeks. Even my Instagram has been pretty neglected. Life has been crazy with two active kids and DG hunting so I was kind of single parenting it. We’ve […]



On Friday BG turned nine years old! This was the first year that his birthday fell during school, but his teacher scheduled him to celebrate his summer birthday next week so he didn’t even get to take treats to school on the real day. That was a slight disappointment, but Friday birthdays are still nice […]


Our Hawaiian Vacation

We went to Maui, Hawaii last month and had the best vacation of our lives. We chose Maui over any other other islands based on research saying that it had the best beaches for kids. Think: sandy beaches instead of rocky. Once I had the island narrowed down I talked to friends and cousins who […]


Tea Party

Yesterday my sweet¬†sister in law, Page, hosted a tea party. Eleni had been to a tea party at her babysitter’s house but it was almost a year ago so I don’t think she remembered what it was. I ordered this book about tea parties to get her excited. She wanted to wear the hat, but […]



Hi friends! Can you believe it’s already the last week of July? I haven’t blogged all month because we have been so busy. Now I’m in denial that we only have three more Fridays before BG goes back to school! Until then we are super busy getting his stock show steers ready for the county […]

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