On Friday BG turned nine years old! This was the first year that his birthday fell during school, but his teacher scheduled him to celebrate his summer birthday next week so he didn’t even get to take treats to school on the real day. That was a slight disappointment, but Friday birthdays are still nice […]


Real Life Happenings (In Pictures)

Our life has been insanely busy lately. From about April 15th to June 1st we’re gathering cattle off the deserts, trucking them home, branding and vaccinating calves and putting the cows out on pasture. Most afternoons you can find Eleni and I helping either DG or the crew brand. Eleni loves to go see the […]


Christmas in Pictures

We had a white Christmas, but it was way too cold to be outside and enjoy it. Our wood stove has been running constantly to heat our house and save on our propane.  I love the warm heat, but it’s drying out our skin and hair like crazy.  I feel like I’m constantly lotioning myself […]


Stylish Kids, Too!

My cute kids had some serious NFR style over our trip too.  My mom bought the most adorable pink sequin pant set for Eleni.  I found her some sparkly boots as well.  I’d never heard of the brand Tanner Mark until this trip, but they have fancy boots for both kids and adults.  Granted she […]


Little Passports: Review

Last year as part of BG Christmas gift, my parents gave him a Little Passports subscription.  I helped my mom choose the USA edition, but they also have themes for younger kids (animals, music, food) and a world edition.  My thought was that USA would be a good way for BG to learn about different states since […]

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