Tea Party

Yesterday my sweet sister in law, Page, hosted a tea party. Eleni had been to a tea party at her babysitter’s house but it was almost a year ago so I don’t think she remembered what it was. I ordered this book about tea parties to get her excited. She wanted to wear the hat, but […]


Real Life Happenings (In Pictures)

Our life has been insanely busy lately. From about April 15th to June 1st we’re gathering cattle off the deserts, trucking them home, branding and vaccinating calves and putting the cows out on pasture. Most afternoons you can find Eleni and I helping either DG or the crew brand. Eleni loves to go see the […]


Eleni is TWO

How is it that I put my baby to bed one night and she wakes up to be such a big girl?  Over the last 3-4 months she has grown so much.  Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.  Honestly, Eleni knows when it’s appropriate to laugh or ask “is that funny?” after she […]


Christmas in Pictures

We had a white Christmas, but it was way too cold to be outside and enjoy it. Our wood stove has been running constantly to heat our house and save on our propane.  I love the warm heat, but it’s drying out our skin and hair like crazy.  I feel like I’m constantly lotioning myself […]


Desert Babe

I love going to the desert with DG on the weekends and camping.  When we were dating we spent a ton of our time there, so I think that’s part of why I enjoy is so much now–there are so many happy memories.  The kids love going to the desert too.  They are kind of […]

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