True Life Confessions

Pretend we’re out for coffee or drinks and having girl talk. Here’s what I’d probably talk about.  Sorry in advice for the whiny, but that’s what girlfriends are for.  You can’t whine to your husband all day long or even about certain things, so you go out with your girls! Stubborn two-year old behavior is […]


Spring Cleaning & Kids’ Pay

I hate to clean, but I love a clean house. Who doesn’t? This list is a great plan for keeping a clean home. I’ve printed it, laminated it and stuck it on our bulletin board. Do you have a cleaning checklist that you follow, or do you see anything major that’s missing from mine? I know there […]



Jokingly my husband told me the other night that I should blog about all the diets that don’t work.  He was mainly referencing the fact that I’ve tried nearly everything and I’m still not where I want to be.  Scratch that.  I’m not even close.  I weigh as much today as I did when I was […]


How Do They Do It?

You know those women who have it all together and you look at them and wonder how they do it all?  I want to be one of them.  More than anything, I want to be the wife who has a good, healthy meal ready every night, laundry done and the house picked up and company […]


Dear Moms, Get in the picture.

Last week BG was making a poster about himself for school.  I suggested that he include a family photo then I proceeded to look for one that he could use.  We took a family picture when we did Eleni’s newborns and then we have (a not so great) one from the NFR last December (see above!!). […]

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