Tea Party

Yesterday my sweet sister in law, Page, hosted a tea party. Eleni had been to a tea party at her babysitter’s house but it was almost a year ago so I don’t think she remembered what it was. I ordered this book about tea parties to get her excited. She wanted to wear the hat, but […]


Backyard Dreams

One of the worst parts of building a new home is not having a yard. We didn’t budget for that in our loan, hoping that we would have extra money at the end and put it in this summer. Well, we didn’t have extra, but we have saved and plan on putting a yard in–it’s […]



Orthodox Easter fell on the same Sunday as American Easter this year. Typically, I don’t do a whole lot for American Easter. We dye eggs and the Easter bunny comes, but we don’t really celebrate. Then on Orthodox Easter we celebrate with my family. I grew up only having one Easter, but since I’m in […]


Bunco Club

I hosted bunco at my house for our club last week. There are 12 of us in the group, and each month we go to someone’s house for dinner and a game of bunco. This is a new club that we formed at the first of the year, so this was only our third game together. I […]


A Place For Everything

One of my biggest downfalls is that I’m a piler and shover. I’m really good at piling papers on the kitchen counter, then shoving them into a cupboard when company is coming over or even if the pile just gets too big and I’m frustrated. A huge goal for our new house was to keep it from clutter, […]

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