Backyard Dreams

One of the worst parts of building a new home is not having a yard. We didn’t budget for that in our loan, hoping that we would have extra money at the end and put it in this summer. Well, we didn’t have extra, but we have saved and plan on putting a yard in–it’s […]


Decorating Style

Confession time: decorating my new house is hard.  I didn’t expect this.  I thought I knew my style and what I would want, but I’m so hesitant to pull the trigger on lots of purchases and don’t want to spend money on things that I’m not sure I’ll love in a few months.  I mean […]


We Moved!

So my little family’s house is finally finished* and we have moved in!  I say finished with an asterisk to explain that we are waiting on some final details and have something to address/finish like mirrors in two of the bathrooms, frameless shower doors to be installed, kitchen backsplash, still need the top installed on […]


Choosing Lights

Before building a house I never thought much about light fixtures.  I didn’t love the master bedroom light in our prior house, but it worked and it seemed like such a hassle to change, so I never did–same with the ceiling fans lights in our front room and family room. Now that I have a […]


Building a Home

Everyone thinks that building a new home sounds fun, and it’s exciting because you’ll get a new home, a blank canvas to decorate, shiny appliances and (hopefully) a lot of space. Then there’s the other camp–those who have already been thru the building process–who tell you it’s awful, and a test of their marriage. Right […]

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