Cowboys Aren’t All Made Equal

Buy a hat and a pair of boots and call yourself a cowboy.  Isn’t that how it works? Think again. We’re currently advertising that we’re hiring a ranch hand.  I couldn’t even say cowboy on the job posting because I’ll get so many applicants who will refuse to do anything but ride a horse if the […]


Real Life Happenings (In Pictures)

Our life has been insanely busy lately. From about April 15th to June 1st we’re gathering cattle off the deserts, trucking them home, branding and vaccinating calves and putting the cows out on pasture. Most afternoons you can find Eleni and I helping either DG or the crew brand. Eleni loves to go see the […]


Where does your steak come from?

One of our cowboys passed a couple bikers on his horse and they yelled at him about how cruel he is for riding a horse. Instead of getting mad, he asked them if they eat meat. They said yes and mentioned the steakhouse where they dined the night before. Our cowboy continued on with his day, […]


Playing in the Mud

We spent a couple days on the desert over the weekend and played in the mud.  There had been a rainstorm the day we got there and our campsite was like mud soup.  BG had his 4-wheeler so that made for a lot of fun! We hauled salt out to the cattle on the sandier […]


Weaning Calves

Life has been just a little bit crazy lately.  DG had the big cattle gather last week which resulted in me driving back and forth either with groceries/things DG forgot or taking BG there to help and then go to school.  I have a hard time letting him miss school when I know that fall […]

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